This escape room video game will be developed to be played with virtual reality glasses using the Unity development platform. With this we aim to create a game with immersive graphics and gameplay that can run on various virtual reality platforms, such as Oculus, Steam, etc.

Each room in the game will be themed around the historical character to which it refers, will contain objects to interact with, fragments of text, character notes, paintings, personal objects and will pose a series of puzzles, riddles and information related to the character, his history, his works, achievements, innovations, etc. To pass the level, the player will need relevant information about the lives of the historical figures that will be obtained as the various tests are passed. If for any reason the player gets stuck in a test, they can ask for clues to continue.

The player will have to learn by himself, interacting, combining or using the objects around him to solve the puzzles and riddles and thus advance in the game. In addition, each room will present an introduction with relevant information about the character’s life, offering the player data about their history and an outcome with more information, which will further reinforce the learning and educational experience.

The rooms will be independent from each other, posing more difficult challenges as the player progresses. This will allow us in the development phase to work simultaneously on several lines, making the most of our team.
of work. This will also give us the option to add new levels in later updates of the game based on performance and user acceptance.