About us

Design and development of entertainment apps

Valenapps is a young and dynamic Valencian company specialized in the design and development of entertainment mobile applications. With the aim of offering unique experiences to users, we strive to stand out in the market through our creative ideas and innovative technological solutions.

We believe in the importance of originality and fun in the digital entertainment industry. We are passionate about creating applications that not only entertain, but also surprise and excite users. We value creativity and strive to be different, setting trends.

At Valenapps we are committed to driving innovation and fun in the digital entertainment industry. We are always looking for new ways to surprise our users and offer them experiences that exceed their expectations. As mobile app development experts, we present new approaches in creating exciting digital experiences.

Foto del equipo con algunos elementos navideños.
Foto de la oficina con la gente trabajando.
Equipo de Valenapps posando después de un curso en la oficina.

Our Vision

Every job has something fun, if you find it, it becomes a game

At Valenapps, our passion is to design and develop entertaining and innovative mobile applications that transform the way people have fun on their mobile devices.

We believe that digital entertainment is not just about passing time, but about immersing yourself in exciting adventures and discovering new worlds. At Valenapps, we embrace originality and fun as fundamental pillars of our philosophy. We are dedicated to creating applications that not only entertain, but also surprise and excite users.

Foto de la sala de descanso.
Fotos de equipo celebrando un evento con comida en la sala de descanso.

We work in:

Design and development of entertainment apps

Our team of designers and developers work closely together to bring to life mobile applications that are visually stunning, intuitive and engaging. We use the latest technologies and innovative approaches to ensure that each application offers a unique experience to users.

Mobile Games

We create addictive and entertaining games for various mobile platforms. Our games are the result of the combination of technical skills and creativity, designed to captivate players of all ages.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We explore the possibilities of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create immersive and exciting experiences. From immersive games to historical site exploration apps, we strive to take entertainment to a new level and make technology feel magical.

Parte del equipo trabajando en sus puestos de trabajo en la oficina.
Testeando un videojuego desarrollado para las Oculus VR de Amazon en la oficina.
Víctor probando las Oculus VR en la oficina.

Our team

Creativity flows in every line of code

At Valenapps, we understand that success lies in having the best team. Having a great team is important to us and we make sure we have the best talent in design, software development, user experience and project management.

We foster an environment of collaboration and creativity, where each member contributes their skills and knowledge to achieve exceptional results. Join us on this exciting digital journey and discover a world of unique and original entertainment.

Foto de Alejandro Melero


Foto de Víctor Aragó

Programming Manager

Foto de Laura Abarca

Programming Xcode y Swift

Foto de Rebeca Luengo

Design Manager

Foto de Fany Garrigues


Foto de Raquel Gómez

3D Design

Foto de Víctor Frontera


Team Building

Teamwork is our key to innovation

It’s always Christmas

At Valenapps where creativity and innovation are the bread and butter, the Christmas season is a perfect opportunity to spread joy.
The magic of Christmas is experienced in a special way throughout the year. Christmas is not limited to a few weeks in December. Here, every day is an opportunity to celebrate joy, and promote the spirit of generosity and camaraderie.

In continuous development

At Valenapps we understand the importance of staying up-to-date in a constantly evolving business environment. These courses not only benefit the company itself, but also empower workers to face emerging challenges and opportunities in their field and as a team. These courses are not only an investment in skills development, but also in the sustainable success of the company in the future.

Graffiti Workshop

Creativity and the collaborative spirit are fundamental components for the growth and work environment in a company. At our recent graffiti workshop, employees embarked on a unique creative journey. With the help of renowned sector professional “David de Limón”, they were divided into teams and provided with blank canvases to give free rein to their imagination. The task was to create three pieces united by a common theme that will later adorn our office walls.

With a pinch of salt

A cooking workshop in the company is not just a gastronomic experience, it is an opportunity to build solid teams and strengthen relationships between employees. Cooking together involves teamwork, effective communication and creativity, key skills that can be applied in the work environment. Cooking isn’t just about ingredients, it’s about people. Through laughter, learning, and the pleasure of enjoying a meal together, we forged stronger bonds and got to know each other better.


Promoting teamwork and fun is essential to strengthen collaboration and team spirit among employees. A laser game day is not only a great way to foster teamwork, but it also gives employees the opportunity to release stress and enjoy a fun-filled experience. These types of events contribute significantly to strengthening the company culture and creating a more positive and united work environment in a young company.